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The Power of Presence Training Course with Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Presence

An Eight-Week Training Course for Awakening Consciousness and Living in the Now

Includes Live Teachings, Presence Practices, Live Q&As,
and Over 16 Hours of Video Teachings

Welcome to the Power of Presence

We’re pleased to announce The Power of Presence, a first-of-its-kind online course with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng.

This is a unique exploration of Eckhart’s work—emphasizing how you can bring more Presence into your own life, from one moment to the next.

The program contains over 16 hours of teachings, two live Q&A sessions, Presence Practices, and special bonuses. Please read on further to learn more about the course, and what your participation might mean for you and for the world we share.

Move Beyond Your Thinking Mind—The Shift That Changes Everything

You may have noticed what Eckhart Tolle calls “the voice in the head”—the stream of habitual thought patterns and self-talk that absorbs the majority of our attention in any given moment.

“There are millions of people in this world who are tortured by their own minds,” he explains. “Yet they don’t even know that because they’re completely identified with the self-talk; they are the voice in the head. This conceptual identity or ‘little me’ is always in a state of lack and unfulfillment.”

"The most important life lesson to be learned is the realization of who you are in essence, beyond the person."

—Eckhart Tolle

When we are continually lost in thoughts and concepts, we miss the immediacy and the fullness of life in the here and now—the only place we can ever experience it. In our attempts to find peace, we create more suffering for ourselves and others.

That is, until we discover Presence . . .

“Presence is the arising of a dimension of consciousness from where you can become aware that there is a voice in the head. That awareness is beyond thinking. It’s a space of consciousness where you can be the observer of your own mind—the awareness behind the thought processes.

“For human beings to discover this dimension is extraordinarily important. It is in fact, as I see it, the next step in the evolution of humanity. When you no longer look to the mind to provide you with your sense of identity—because your sense of identity now comes now from a deeper place—that’s the shift that changes everything, dramatically. It is the most important thing that can happen in your lifetime.

“As Presence arises you’ll find in many areas of your life enormous improvements. One is that the voice in the head that before created such anguish and unhappiness no longer has that power over you. As the mind’s conditioning begins to subside, you can be with people, events, and situations in a non-dysfunctional way, aligned with whatever arises in the present moment.”

"The arising of Presence is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity for the survival of humanity."

—Eckhart Tolle

So how do we initiate this shift?

Can we actually learn to be present?

And how do we sustain Presence after we’ve caught a glimpse?

“If you are ready, then you can learn to be present,” assures Eckhart. “If something within you responds to what I’m saying, then you are ready to learn to be present in daily life.”

The Power of Presence takes you on an eight-week journey with Eckhart Tolle, Kim Eng, and a global community of people committed to the deepening of Presence in daily life.

We warmly invite you to join us for this landmark program.

Kind Regards,

Tami Simon

Tami Simon
Founder, Sounds True

P.S. The Power of Presence comes with a one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can try this life-changing material with no risk.

P.P.S. As a bonus you’ll also receive never-before-seen video recordings from Eckhart’s recent retreat in Costa Rica on Being Present. This bonus contains over 7 hours of additional teaching content to support your learning and personal growth.

The Awakening of Consciousness

Humanity is in the midst of a collective awakening or “flowering” of consciousness. It is up to each one of us to start with ourselves, embrace this shift, and allow the unfolding of something beyond the mind.

“The arising of what I call Presence is how the dysfunction of the human mind is transcended,” explains Eckhart. “When consciousness ‘flowers,’ then the human mind is no longer something that creates unnecessary suffering—it becomes something helpful, useful, and potentially capable of achieving miraculous things.”

Practicing Presence may be the kindest action we can take for our own growth and that of humanity—because we are all connected, as we change individually we assist in making shifts in the collective.

Essential Topics in The Power of Presence Online Training Course

The teachings in this program will help you create the conditions for conscious growth and transformation. Inside the curriculum, some of the topics we will explore include:

  • Letting Go of Compulsive Thinking icon

    Letting Go of Compulsive Thinking

    Discover freedom from the source of suffering in the mind through this essential step in awakening to Presence.

  • Portals to Presence icon

    Portals to Presence

    Eckhart’s most effective tools for entering the Now and accessing Presence in daily life situations.

  • Working with the Pain-Body icon

    Working with the Pain-Body

    Learning to recognize the pain-body, unresolved emotional energy from the past, is the key to transcending the cycle of suffering this energy creates.

  • Understanding Ego icon

    Understanding Ego

    Getting clear on the nature of ego is a critical step toward engaging in conscious relationship and living a life of Presence.

  • Conscious Creation icon

    Conscious Creation

    How do we contribute wisely to “the world of form” and share our unique gifts? Explore what Eckhart calls “true originality through the balance of being and doing.”

  • Life Purpose icon

    Life Purpose

    Becoming an expression of “awakening in action” for the greater good. As Eckhart teaches, there may be no more important way to be of service in the world.

Creating Daily Presence Practices

We become what we practice and every moment we have a choice to be in the present or not.

When we are in meditation or in silence without distraction, allowing presence can be easier than when we are surrounded by the noise of our daily activities. Our mind and senses are often triggered, causing us to lose our natural state of being.

Yet it is by bringing more presence into our work, our relationships, and every area of our life that we are able to make everything a living practice.

As part of The Power of Presence program, Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng will be sharing with you powerful presence practices that you can incorporate into your everyday life as well as during your meditations.

In addition to the teachings every week, you will receive a downloadable workbook with over 29 presence practices as well as three 60-minute guided teachings to support you on your journey.

Your Guides

Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of 29, a profound inner transformation radically changed the course of his life. The next few years were devoted to understanding, integrating, and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he worked in London as a counselor and spiritual teacher. Eckhart’s written works include two New York Times bestsellers, both widely regarded as among the most influential spiritual books of our time: the Oprah’s Book Club selection A New Earth, and The Power of Now, which has been translated into more than 30 languages.

Kim Eng

Kim Eng is a counselor and teacher who travels and works extensively with her partner Eckhart Tolle. Kim has developed a teaching approach that incorporates and complements Eckhart’s teachings. Her work translates these teachings into a structured, body-based practice to support the arising of Presence and the awakening of consciousness. Kim is the author of two instructional DVDs on Presence Through Movement—Qi Flow Yoga and Yin Yoga—and of two audio-learning programs, Meditations for A New Earth and Resist Nothing, offering practical ways to overcome our inner obstacles to Presence.

The Power of Presence Overview

Inside the program you receive the following:


Eight powerful video teaching modules with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng—
contains more than 17 hours of curated insights and guidance over eight weeks.

video teachings icon
  • Module 1:
    To Think or Not to Think

  • Module 2:
    Portals to Presence

  • Module 3:
    Dealing with Unconsciousness and the Pain-Body

  • Module 4:
    Understanding Ego

  • Module 5:
    The Balance of Being and Doing

  • Module 6:
    Conscious Creation

  • Module 7:
    The Depths of Who You Are

  • Module 8:
    The Purpose of Life


A downloadable workbook with more than 29 “Presence Practices”

One of the most important ways to accelerate your own evolution is to commit to regular Presence practices. Some of the practices that will be explored in the program include:

downloadable workbook icon
  • Choosing to Rest in No Thought—Moving from obsessive mental activity to the spaciousness of Presence
  • One Conscious Breath—A simple exercise to step out of compulsive thinking
  • Is There Space?—A tool for maintaining alertness amidst activity
  • Inner Body Awareness—An antidote to turbulent situations and experiences
  • Find Your Triggers—How to increase awareness around reactive patterns
  • Engage in Attentive Listening—Holding the space of Being to fully receive what is being communicated
  • Being the Space for What Is—How to root your actions in peace
  • Plus 22 more!
question and answer sessions icon

Two live question-and-answer sessions with Eckhart

The course will have two live questions-and-answer sessions. You will be able to submit your questions in advance. Our special focus will be on the Presence Practices as described in the course. In case you are unable to attend these will be recorded and available in the course.

guided meditation sessions icon

Three pre-recorded live teaching sessions with Eckhart

During the course will will replay three recent live teaching sessions intended to point you to the discovery of stillness in everyday life—more than two hours of additional guidance from Eckhart.

Special Program Bonuses


Over 7 Hours of video recordings from a LIVE Retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim EngDeepening Presence

Deepening Presence

All-new teachings, practical insights, and immediate tools to spark the arising of Presence and help us “hold the space of awareness” throughout our daily lives. Over seven hours of never-before-seen video teachings from this special event.


“Midwifing the New Consciousness”
with Marianne Williamson

Deepening Presence

Eckhart speaks with author and teacher Marianne Williamson about the evolution of humanity and our role as individuals.

In this talk, Marianne and Eckhart explore:

  • The “I Am” realization
  • Our collective consciousness
  • The universal curriculum


“Loving Awareness”
with Jack Kornfield

Deepening Presence

Renowned Buddhist meditation teacher Jack Kornfield joins Eckhart for a dialogue on mindfulness, meditation, and the journey of awakening.

Here, Jack and Eckhart talk about:

  • Mindfulness
  • The power of wisdom and love
  • A taste of vipassana


“Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch in Conversation”

Deepening Presence

A moving dialogue on topics including Neale’s personal story, his creative process, and the challenge of staying spiritually awake in daily living.

Neale joins Eckhart to discuss:

  • The gifts of life
  • Inspired speech
  • The canvas of life


Giving the Gift of Presence:
One-for-One Matching Program

When you register for The Power of Presence, the Eckhart Tolle Foundation will donate one free course membership to an individual in need.

All spiritual teachings hold within them the seed to change human consciousness. Our greater responsibility as we go through our own transformational process is to find meaningful ways to help others.

An important element of The Power of Presence online training program is a one-for-one matching component that will benefit those most in need—and we have made it easy for you to give.

When you enroll in The Power of Presence, one registration for this online course will be donated to an underserved community through the Eckhart Tolle Foundation. You will be helping the elderly, young students, those in prisons, and others who would not otherwise be able to participate.

Through this one-for-one match program, you will be helping to expand the positive impact this work has in the world to further accelerate the awakening of consciousness at this critical time.

The Power of Presence Teaching Curriculum

Here's What is Inside The Power of Presence

Presence is a sense of aliveness that is always available. It is our mental noise and identification with what Eckhart calls “the voice in the head” that obscures this experience of aliveness. When we discover that there is a dimension in which thinking doesn’t happen at all—or is seen as unimportant—we begin to open to what Eckhart means by “the power of Presence.”

Each of the eight modules in this course was curated from recent talks by Eckhart, with an emphasis on the practical application of his central teachings in the “training ground” of our daily lives.

core practices

Module One: To Think or Not to Think: Finding Freedom from Compulsive Mental Activity

Starting on 5/17/2018

According to Eckhart Tolle, the main source of our suffering and confusion in life stems from the erroneous belief that we are the contents of our thoughts. This incredibly limiting belief cuts us off from the higher intelligence that becomes available when we break free from thought-identification. Module highlights:

  • The intensification of aliveness that comes when we let go of compulsive thinking

  • The difference between dropping below thought and rising above thought

  • Experimenting with performing small tasks in daily life without the interference of thinking

  • How your thinking becomes empowered when you step out of the conceptualizing mind

core practices

Module Two: Portals to Presence: Practical Tools to Enter the Now

Starting on 5/24/2018

Module Two focuses on what Eckhart calls “portals to Presence”—the avenues by which we transcend the mind-made “little me” and anchor ourselves in the formless dimension of Presence. In addition, he illuminates the three modalities of “conscious doing”—acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm—and offers practices for bringing the spaciousness and vitality of Presence into our daily lives. Module highlights:

  • The formula for acceptance: “what is = is”

  • The portal of visual sense perception

  • Waking up to the unproblematic simplicity of the present moment

  • Using sound to enter the Now

  • Why the gateway to the Now is the gateway to yourself

core practices

Module Three: Dealing with Unconsciousness and the Pain-Body: Working with Emotions and Reactivity

Starting on 5/31/2018

Module Three explores the nature of human reactivity and the individual’s role in the awakening of human consciousness. Eckhart investigates some of our more challenging emotional states and what he calls “the pain-body,” offering several on-the-spot practices we can employ to become a source of sanity instead of contributing to suffering. Module highlights:

  • The phenomenon of “losing it”

  • Why the present moment is always of primary importance

  • The link between the so-called “future” and your present state of consciousness

  • Holding the frequency of Presence

  • Freedom from the wheel of karma

core practices

Module Four: Understanding Ego: Transcending Our Inner Narrative

Starting on 6/7/2018

Module Four brings our attention to the world of relationships, including teachings on the ego and our “story-making” tendencies that lead to unnecessary suffering. Our relationships give us a training ground for our “Presence practice.” Interpersonal challenges provide an opportunity for us to intensify Presence as needed in the moment. Module highlights:

  • No story, no problem

  • The unconscious process of ego reinforcement

  • Ego as the complete identification with form

  • Discovering your formless identity and making that the basis for your sense of self

  • The vital question in relationships: Is there space?

core practices

Module Five: The Balance of Being and Doing: The Essence of Spirituality

Starting on 6/14/2018

Module Five focuses on what Eckhart describes as “the essence of spirituality”—knowing yourself as the formless as you take action in the world of form. Here we will engage teachings and practices to help us express this integration in our day-to-day lives. Module highlights:

  • Discovering the stillness underneath thought and activity

  • Creating the conditions for spiritual awakening

  • Transcending conditions through connectedness with Being

  • The hidden blessing in challenges

  • The greatest thing you can learn: how to think only when necessary

core practices

Module Six: Conscious Creation: Building a Foundation for Fruitful Action and Genuine Creativity

Starting on 6/21/2018

In Module Six we place our focus on the art of conscious manifestation. Eckhart discusses the two movements of the universe at work within each one of us (outward into form and inward to the formless Source), and how that expression evolves during the journey of awakening—and over the course of one’s personal life. Module highlights:

  • Awakening from the dream of form

  • Our psychological identities

  • Knowing yourself as the light of consciousness

  • Enjoying forms without the sense of ownership or identification

  • Inquiring, “What is it that wants to manifest through this form?”

core practices

Module Seven: The Depths of Who You Are: Expanding Our Awareness of Our Eternal Nature

Starting on 6/28/2018

Eckhart helps us shift our awareness from the surface level of our lives to what he calls the “formless” or “transcendent” dimension—that part of us that is indestructible, fathomless, and beyond time. Module Seven also offers additional teachings on the mystery of death and comforting those experiencing the dying process. Module highlights:

  • The liberation of self-realization

  • Seeing the world anew

  • The eternal essence of every life form

  • The metaphor of the ripple and the ocean

  • Your intrinsic worthiness

core practices

Module Eight: The Purpose of Life: Fostering the Evolution of Human Consciousness

Starting on 7/5/2018

In Module Eight, Eckhart returns to the primary themes explored thus far and shares his fundamental teaching on our mutual human destiny: to live as an expression of the timeless dimension—and by extension become a source of benevolence, service, and true intelligence in the world around us. Module highlights:

  • Confucius on being “fully human”

  • Non-conceptual intelligence

  • Emptiness and the “kingdom of heaven”

  • Asking yourself, “Who am I?”

  • The fool and the sage


program on multiple devices

The Power of Presence: An Eight-Week Training Course for Awakening Consciousness & Living in the Now

  1. Eight powerful video teaching modules with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng—more than 17 hours of curated insights and guidance

  2. A course workbook with over 29 “Presence Practices”

  3. Two live question-and-answer sessions with Eckhart during the course

  4. Three pre-recorded 60-minute teachings sessions with Eckhart


you will receive the following special bonuses

  1. Bonus #1

    Deepening Presence—Seven hours of never-before-seen video recordings from a LIVE retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng

  2. Bonus #2

    “Midwifing the New Consciousness”—Eckhart speaks with author and teacher Marianne Williamson about the evolution of humanity and our role as individuals

  3. Bonus #3

    “Loving Awareness”—Renowned Buddhist meditation teacher Jack Kornfield joins Eckhart for a dialogue on mindfulness, meditation, and the journey of awakening

  4. Bonus #4

    “Eckhart Tolle and Neale Donald Walsch in Conversation”—A moving dialogue on topics including Neale’s personal story, his creative process, and the challenge of staying spiritually awake in daily living

  5. Bonus #5

    One-for-One—When you register for The Power of Presence, the Eckhart Tolle Foundation will donate one free course to an individual in need

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What People Are Saying About the Work of
Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng

quote mark

I would do anything to be anywhere in the vicinity of Eckhart Tolle.”

—Jim Carrey
quote mark

I keep Eckhart’s book at my bedside. I think it's essential spiritual teaching. It's one of the most valuable books I've ever read.”

—Oprah, from
quote mark

One of the best books to come along in years. Every sentence rings with truth and power—the power to bring you into the gap, the space between our thoughts, where we find, as Eckhart so beautifully puts it, deep serenity, stillness, and a sacred Presence. [The Power of Now] is a book to cherish.”

—Deepak Chopra, author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
quote mark

The next best thing to sitting in a live seminar, Eckhart's presence comes through the recording.”

quote mark

Clear, light, beautiful—he’s a gifted teacher of skills that we all need as human beings.”

quote mark

I have sat with Eckhart and read his books, listened to his CDs and audiobooks, and as awareness deepens within me the more I get from listening to him.”

quote mark

Kim is a very gifted teacher, and a wonderful example of stillness.”

quote mark

I love Tolle’s wisdom already, but having it put into an accessible daily practice with Kim Eng is the perfect combination . . . Now I can better follow my inner guidance and be more present, which is just the guidance I was looking for.”

quote mark

Kim Eng is wonderful, so easy to connect to. Her words come to me throughout the day.”


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Are the sessions live or pre-recorded?

The course videos are pre-recorded. Sessions noted as “Live” or “Q&A” are live.

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All events are Eastern Time unless otherwise noted. Please use a time zone converter of your choice or

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